My mentor asked me how I connected the chapter was from Managing Children’s Services in the Public Library and Meredith’s post titled Be the Change You Want to See.

What I was hoping to show in my last post was the difference between the management style espoused in the Managing Children’s Services book and how I want to communicate with my staff should I ever be in a management position.  I often find Meredith’s posts to be insightful in that direction–I want to be self evaluating and open-minded.  She encourages me to see people as people, and I think the chapter encouraged me to see employees as assets to be manipulated.

The next step in the mentoring workplan is to set up some interviews and job shadowing.  As I do these, I will post my reactions while making sure to protect the privacy of the people I interview and shadow.  In addition to finding out what they do all day, I hope to gain insight on how they balance work and home life, what their managment philosophies are and whether that is reflected in their actions, and how the types of management in our system differ.

My system recently had a reorganization that reached most levels of staff.  Management changed significantly; we no longer have branch managers, we have regional managers who supervise 4 to 5 branches, and at our Central branch, which includes administrative services, there was a lot of shifting that is harder to explain.  I will be interviewing and/or shadowing managers at our Central library, in the South Region and in the North Region (which is where I work).  Look for more on that in November.

In the mean time, I will continue read and comment on articles recommended by my mentor and talk about training provided by the city and the library system.