Everyone raves about these videos, and I’ve seen a few of them.  I haven’t been drawn in though.  I don’t search them out and I don’t always watch those that are recommended.  I think they must remind me of infomercials; I feel like they are going to try to sell me something.  It is also difficult to watch video at work.  I need a chunk of time and headphones.

Sometimes we want to buy what people are selling us, though.  Like Real Change–there’s some good info and stories in there.  There’s still something off putting about having someone standing outside of a store trying to get me to buy a paper.  I have to force myself to think about it or else I will pass it by.

When I interviewed the AM a month or so ago, she recommended a Ted Talk to me and sent me the link in an email soon after.  I finally watched it today (I know!) and was very impressed.  It’s given by Itay Talgam, titled Lead like the great conductors.

The examples he used of different conductors in the act, were inspiring and the music from the pieces were beautiful.  His messages were simple and I took them to heart.  Treat your staff as partners, not instruments.  Allow staff to work together to accomplish goals–let them direct each other with you as a guide.  Show approval when they do something well.

This also reminds me of the interview I went on and on about early on about the value of dissent.  Itay does not mention dissent, but he does allude that you must let your charges have input and control over their work in order to have an outcome that makes you proud.  Dissent is a natural part of that process, identifying what you want to keep and what needs to go when developing an idea.  I hope to be a manager that fosters that kind of creativity.